Asset Classes

Our main focus is on arrangingĀ financing for specialty finance companies and asset managers via warehouse credit facilities, privately placed asset-backed securities, and whole loan sale programs. We have experience in several asset classes, including:

Consumer Assets

  • Unsecured Consumer Loans (including Marketplace Loans)
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Debt Settlement/Consolidation Loans
  • Timeshare Receivables
  • Auto Loans & Leases
  • Elective Medical Loans

Commercial Assets

  • Litigation Finance Loans
  • Patent Infringement Finance
  • Merchant Cash Advance Receivables
  • Water Company Refund Contracts
  • Tax Liens
  • Equipment Loans & Leases
  • Insurance Premium Finance Loans
  • Factored Receivables
  • Trade Receivables
  • Commercial Property Leases
  • Aircraft Leases
  • Structured Settlements
  • Lottery Payments
  • Life Settlements

Residential and Commercial Mortgage Loans

  • Bridge/Transitional Loans
  • Performing and Re-Performing Mortgage Loans
  • Non-Performing Mortgage Loans
  • Hard Money Residential Mortgage Loans
  • Church Loans
  • Small Balance Commercial Mortgage Loans
  • Junior Lien Residential Mortgage Loans